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New Patients

Welcome to Fountain of Health Chiropractic and Massage! At our warm and friendly chiropractic office, you’ll feel right at home!

The First Visit

As we will be scanning you with the INSIGHT™ Subluxation Station, please wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement so that we can do a proper posture screening. Please also allow plenty of time to get to our office, so you’re not feeling rushed or stressed.

If you haven’t completed the new patient forms ahead of time, make sure you also leave enough time to fill them out. Next, you can expect the following:

  • A set of posture pictures will be taken
  • We’ll get your health history and find out why you’re here
  • Some chiropractic tests will be taken
  • We will perform a few orthopedic tests
  • You’ll likely be scanned with the Subluxation Station (you may get the scans first)

The INSIGHT™ Subluxation Station Scans

You get three painless and noninvasive scans, which are safe for clients of all ages. No radiation is involved. No waves are being sent into your body at any time. We are just measuring things.

The first scan is called your pulse wave profile. It measures your heart rate variability. Your heart rate variability is crucial. It tells us how well your body is handling stress.

After your heart rate goes up we need it to come down. So that ability for your heart rate to go up and come down shows us how well your body is adapting to the stress that it is facing.

The next scan we do is called your rolling thermal, which is not diagnostic. It allows us to see if there’s any nerve interference that is going on that may be impacting be the efficiency of the way your organs and glands are working.

The last scan that we take is your sEMG. Your sEMG shows us how efficiently or inefficiently your brain is communicating with your postural muscles. Those are the muscles that keep you up.

This first appointment takes about 45 minutes.

Before you return for this appointment, Dr. Karen will have gone through your history, your posture pictures, and your scans. She then will put together the story of what’s going on in your health so that when you come back for your day two, she can tell you what’s going on. She then will explain to you her care plan recommendations. At that point you’ll get your first adjustment, if you agree to it, of course.

During this visit, Dr. Karen also will discuss financial issues with you. As it’s likely your benefits will be exhausted before your care plan is finished, she can review some convenient payment options that can save you some money.

This appointment takes 15-30 minutes.

The number of appointments you have after your first two ones will vary depending on what you’re being seen for. We typically can moderate your pain somewhere between 5 to 10 adjustments. But that doesn’t mean your electrical system (nervous system) is fixed. So Dr. Karen will tell you what she believes it’s going to take to get that electrical panel repaired.

We re-evaluate with a re-scan every 12 visits to ensure that you’re healing properly, that the foundation of your health is being repaired. This re-evaluation helps confirm that the care you’re receiving is having the desired effect.

Take That First Step

If you’ve been wondering if chiropractic care could benefit you, contact our Medicine Hat practice today to book an appointment!

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