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Chiropractic Care
Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re new to chiropractic care, you likely have questions. As knowledge is power, we want to equip you with the information you need to make a decision about your health care. Here are the top FAQs we get and our responses.

Once I go to a chiropractor, will I always have to go?

You have free will, of course, and a choice in all aspects of your care. However, chiropractic is about making sure your nervous system is functioning optimally. This is crucial as you live your life through your nervous system. All the information about your life comes in through your senses, travels along nerves to your brain when your brain processes it, and sends a response, again, along your nerves.

If there’s a hiccup in this communication system, signals aren’t interpreted as they need to be. If you plan to use your nervous system throughout your life, we recommend you continue coming as we consider chiropractic care a lifelong lifestyle. Dr. Karen will come up with an individualized care plan and partner with you to determine what works best for your needs.

Does a chiropractic adjustment hurt?

Sometimes there may be some slight discomfort during adjustments. It all depends on how tense and out of alignment your body is. As your body becomes accustomed to the adjustments, they release easier and more efficiently. Some adjustments will make noise, and that is the release of gas between the joints.

Dr. Karen uses many different styles, and if she suspects something’s going to be painful, she’ll switch up the adjustment to a different method to promote ease.

Can chiropractic cure everything?

“No, chiropractors don’t cure anything; instead, we assist the body in healing,” said Dr. Karen. The focus is your nervous system and promoting ease and healing in the body. Your nervous system has connections to everything in your body.

Does insurance cover chiropractic visits?

Often it does, but not all insurance companies cover these visits. Because we have no way to know the details of your individual plan, we encourage you to contact your provider for your information.

How much does care cost?

Please contact the office for the most current pricing and appointment types.

Do I need a referral from my physician?

No, but some insurance companies require a doctor’s note to claim for expenses.

Do you work with medical doctors?

Not generally, but if there is a concern, a phone consultation is possible. Dr. Karen isn’t opposed to working with doctors.

Will I get adjusted on my first visit?

No, you will receive your first initial adjustment on Day 2 of a new patient intake.

Will you suggest exercises or other things I can do?

We may recommend some stretches or exercises.

If I’ve had back surgery, can I see a chiropractor?

Probably, but it all depends on your history. A CA will take your information and consult with Dr. Karen. When she knows the details of your back surgery, Dr. Karen can determine safe and effective ways to impact your nervous system without compromising the procedure. The CA will then inform you of Dr. Karen’s recommendations.

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If you have any other questions that weren’t answered here, please call our practice. We look forward to caring for you!

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